IBM Think 2018 – New oxygen for Notes/Domino

Last week I’ve spent a whole week in one of the US cities that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Monday was the most crowdy day, every corridor was packed with attendees. People had to wait in line to have a seat in a session room or in a lab….it seemed to be that the Mandalay Bay could not handle THAT number of attendees.

After monday, when the Expo center was open, people could spread themselves to more open spaces which resulted in a more relax atmosphere.

Back to content now…. it was years ago that I felt such a good vibe, so much positive energy and saw tons of interesting new stuff in an upcoming Notes and Domino release.We are ready to show the world that Notes/Domino is not dead and that there is new oxygen in the products.

In Q4 of 2018, V10 will be released but you will be able to play with it when the beta release comes out within a few months. Interested to know more about the progress of the development or when something important is announced, subscribe then for the newsletter at the following URL:

So what is there coming in the new release where you can be so excited about ? Here you have an overview of interesting stuff:

You will be able to send fully formatted and intact notes messages as EML attachments.

I here you saying there “what so special about that ?” Well you can group all messages in one single mail and forward those to somebody else. The EML attachment can contain the original mail plus the attachments.

eml2 Next there are some mail policy improvements that can warn a user if they attach too large or too many attachments. This way the user can react before the mail is send out.


They included an extra view in the mailtemplate, the Group By Sender View. This view has all functionality of the inbox view and groups all the mail by sender in one view, even those that are stored in one of your folders.


As calendar improvements, they announced the team calendar. This new team calendar has nothing to do with the Group Calendar that we all know. The team calendar is a standalone database that can include a team inbox and every member can create, edit invites. To have a clear overview with you own calendar, you can configure this team calendar as an overlay over your own calendar.

teamcalAnother great announced feature is the possibility to invite extra people to a meeting where you are invited to, even when it is a repeated meeting.

How cool is that ?

invite2invite I don’t know any other product that can offer this feature !

In the future the footprint of the Notes client will be stripped by removing some features that are not heavily used like the feed reader, the opensocial component and the embedded experience.

They announced a new update process for the client , based on the already successful upgrade process for the cloud-based clients.

The biggest announcement they did was the Domino Top-Secret product, named DominoAppsOnIpad !!

This product is the ICAA client running with his full possibilities on an iPad. This means that you can take your existing Domino Applications with you on the iPad without any development changes. Everything just works, even replication so that you can work offline !

This is the landing page

landingI opened the Domino Directory

domdir and even created a document with my name in another application


This product allows to take your apps without any extra cost on a mobile device with all embedded features like doclinks, @formula, lotusscript, dblookups, rich text, table creation……AND replication !

In near future they will allow the possibility to access GPS, camera, files integration,…..

If you want to subscribe to this beta program, go to to be able to participate in the program.

As stated in the beginning of this article, I feel energized and felt a positive and good vibe around all those interesting announcements for the upcoming V10. We, the ICS community and its ICS Champions are convinced and showed a lot of interest and appreciation to both IBM & HCL for the efforts and the deliverables in this short amount of time. Now it is time to come out of the closet with all those positive messages and show the rest of the world what an amazing products IBM has to offer in the Collaboration world !

More to come in the following weeks, months so stay tuned !


The Collaboration train is going


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At the end of october 2017, there was this big announcement “IBM Announces Investment in Notes Domino Version 10 and Beyond”

In the announcement they spoke about the partnership between IBM and HCL and the way the two companies will drive a new wave in the products during 2018 and beyond. They announced the upcoming Domino2025 jam session around the globe and the goal of those jam sessions.

In december I attended the Jam session in Belgium. There was a lot of interest and a lot of great ideas ! We worked in different groups and information has been assembled and brought back to IBM/HCL.


Later on in january 2018 they announced the #Domino2025 online 2-day forum During this online event you could participate in an ideation blog staffed by IBM product management, IBM technical sellers and HCL development teams. You could create your idea and vote on other ideas to visualize the interes in certain features and goals expected from the Community.

This week, the 28th of February, there was the online Domino V10 webinar where they wanted to spread the word about what is coming up based on all the feedback and input they received during the jam sessions and the online forum. In case you missed it, a replay of it can be viewed here

A lot of feedback has been gathered and reviewed and they came to the following conclusions:

  • we would like to see the use of modern development tools and frameworks
    • they announced the use of open standards like NodeJS
  • we would like a slimmer, faster and better looking Notes client
    • they announced a an auto-update system so that you don’t have to bother about those updates.
  • provide a better Microsoft integration for mail and productivity apps
    • there is more to come about this integration but they announced already the use of EWS (Exchange Web Services). This way Outlook will contact Domino and think it’s an Exchange server 🙂

the V10 versions are announced for Q4 2018 but participation in the beta programs will be announced way upfront so that you can taste the (r)evolution in the products. There is a lot to come and stay tuned to see what will be happening in 2018. If you are a customer, looking for a robust collaboration platform, look certainly to the ICS (IBM Collaboration Services) portfolio before you take a decision.

There is a lot to do about TCO and more in the space of reuse stuff you have already and get it integrated. A few examples are mentionned in the below slide like the better integration with Active Directory and the updated support of ADFS4.0 but also the support of Docker to ease the procedures of upgrading your Domino Servers.


In march I attend IBM Think 2018 and more news will be spread over there. For those who can’t attend, a lot of the news will be spread on the #Domino2025 blog and there are also the well known user group events like Engage, SNoUG where you can attend and hear and see about the evolution in the products.

Step together with us on this train and feel the vibe and the positive energy that is encapsulating the ICS Community where you need/can be part of.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next weeks, months, years !


Domino is not dead ! More than ever in business !


Hello all,

today I had the honor to participate in an IBM Champions call about new and exciting news around the IBM Collaboration products.

IBM announced their strategic partnership with the company HCL. Together they will join forces and put the oxygen again in the robust Domino server.

IBM announced there “Project Sapphire” – Notes, Domino and Verse V10 together with Sametime in 2018.

As the cherry on the cake, they also announced that they will deliver Domino 9 FP10 by the end of the year 2017, together with Verse on Premises 1.0.3.

The most exciting thing around the “Project Sapphire” is the announcement of the #Domino2025 jams that they will organise. The goal is to discuss together with customers, partners, Champions about the future enhancements of the products. Like Jason Gary states about Connections Pink, is equal for “Project Sapphire”, they don’t want to develop a product for us, but together with us !

Do you want to join us in those jams ? Get registered here:

Which products will be covered in this partnership with HCL ?

  • IBM Notes and Domino
  • IBM SmartCloud Notes
  • IBM Notes Traveler
  • IBM Mobile Connect
  • IBM Verse
  • IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO)
  • IBM Enterprise Integrator (LEI)
  • IBM Sametime portfolio
  • IBM Connections Chat/Meetings
  • IBM Client Access (ICAA)


During the call they were already announcements about clear commitments of their side:

  • Domino will support the native Apple Mail client to connect to the mailfile
  • The IBM Think conference in march 2018 will have a large presence for Notes/Domino
  • Marketing is something that will get a lot of attention

Personally I think that this is exciting news to reintroduce the force of the multi-purpose server that Domino is with build in security, internet services and ability to connect to different data sources !



Really Microsoft, are U kidding me ?

Recently I received this link to a guide on when to use which Office 365 product. When you read it through and you heard already about the questions and frustrations raised by several end users about the product, you think by yourself “Are U kidding me ?”

For those who are not already aware about the above mentionned frustrations, these are a few highlights about those frustrations:


I hear a lot of people say that Sharepoint is a good place to hide documents because you never find them back when you need them.

Ever heard about IBM Connections Social Cloud ? Well, at IBM they understand that social collaboration needs to be people-centric and not document-centric. That it needs to be user-driven and thus easy to adopt because it is all about the customer experience.


When users need help of their IT department to get a Sharepoint Site up and running, they will have it when it isn’t needed anymore. This way, business users start looking around for other solutions…..and shadow IT is born.

One of the big differences between Microsoft and IBM is the way how documents are stored in the Collaborative Platform. In a Microsoft world, you have different silo’s where you can store documents


where in an IBM world, the different components of the platform are nicely connected with one another and are based on only one document store.


This is only one of the top differentiators between the two platforms, come back later on to discover more of them.

Social Connections session about SSO


thursdayt I had my session about SSO between your on-premise environment and IBM Connections Cloud.
I talked about SAML, ADFS and the different possibilities that are available to configure SSO in IBM Connections Cloud.
If you were in my session or not and want to review the slides, go and check out this URL where you can find my slides

Go and check out the rest of the slides that will be published on the site when they are available

I enjoyed the conference a lot and it was again nice to meet up with some new people and have interesting discussions.

During closing session, the team announced that Social Connections 11 will be held in Europe. Prepare already an interesting abstract to submit and keep an eye on the upcoming announcement about the dates.

IBM too expensive for your wallet ? Are you kidding me ?


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In my role as storyteller and enthousiast about #NewWayToWork, I present at different locations and talk about the differences between social media and social business. During my presentations, I also spend time talking about how social media influences our way of working and engaging and how this change affects our way of working at the office.

During my presentations I like the interaction with the audience and throw from time to time a question in the room to get some feedback. One of my questions before talking about IBM Connections is the following:

“What comes up in your mind when I say: IBM ?”

In most of the cases, I get the same responses back. Responses which I like to share with you so that we can demistify some myths.

Here’s the list:

  • Mainframe, hardware
  • Too expensive for our budgets
  • Only for big companies, we are just small businesses

Most of them don’t know that IBM has affordable software to transform and help your business to become a social business.

Most of them don’t know that IBM’s software is a real integrated and open platform, not like other vendors pretend to be. With the help of the intuitive interface, users adopt easily the way of working and they don’t have to care about where to store their data they want to share since there is only one place to put data from where your start sharing. This is not like in other products where you don’t know in which silo you need to put your data.

Just check out the video and afterwards visit this site to convince yourself about price and possibilities.

IBM Connections 6 knocking on the front door !


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Hello there !

Is I wrote already in a previous post, the road to Connections Pink is through IBM Connections 6. Today IBM announced the official release of IBM Connections 6. The full story can be read here

IBM Connections 6 is the last version running IBM Websphere, DB2 and all that stuff. We gradually go to a newer version based on micro-services and containers and where development is done in new development technologies.

Connections 6 has major improvements on the homepage with Orient Me, provides much more flexibility for Community Owners to change the layout and even create a template of the layout to reuse it for other Communities.

Connections 6 is an adoption driven update that provides user-friendly guidelines to get on board and get started !

General availability to download the update will be on friday,  March 31



Connect 2017


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A lot of changes this year at Connect, my first time as an IBM Champion, a complete new location in a complete different state, California, and a different city, San Francisco.

This year the venue was the Moscone West Center

For me personally, the venue was not as good as in the past. You didn’t have the possibility to run into someone, grab a seat and have a conversation. Last year we had the possibility to go out in a kind of a garden, now we were in the centre of the city.

When everybody is staying in several different hotels, it’s much more difficult to meet up as when everybody is in the same hotel and having a drink in the hotel’s bar 🙂

But enough about that, part of the above, I had some nice conversations and meetings with interesting people !

I attended a lot of interesting sessions and noticed that IBM is changing its mindset and it is about time that we kick some ass and battle against Microsoft !

Let’s talk first about Domino.

For all of you that think that there is no future anymore for your Domino applications that are present in your company for years…sit back and read further on.

Do you know any other platform that comes out of the box with the following features ?

  • Security
  • Replication
  • Clustering
  • Encryption
  • Ability to go offline
  • Open to other platforms
  • Ability to develop and customize

IBM will enhance its current API framework (Mail, Calendar, Freebusy, Data) to extend capabilities and enable the use of modern application development tools (ex. Swagger)

The additional REST services that will be added to expose more powerful capabilities are

  • Directory Service: browse or search a directory
  • Contacts Service: manage personal contacts in your mailfile
  • Mail Search Service: search your mailfile
  • Subscription Service: poll for changes or register for push in an application
  • Management Service: register users and manage users & groups

Thanks to the openNTF community there is a project available, SmartNSF, that allows access to your Domino applications via REST APIs. It’s available as an extension for your Domino Server and Designer.

For customers that are defining a path for their Domino applications, it is interesting to know that in Q2 2017, Panagenda’s Application Insights will be released.

Application Insights will be free of charge for customers under S&S and will allow you to analyse the 50 most used applications based on

  • Application usage
  • Application complexity
  • Application code

If you have more than 50 applications, then you can by an extra license.

On Wednesday, there was Pink Wednesday. IBM Connections Pink is about a new revolutionary product. Pink is a journey, not a destination.

Jason Gary stated the following “We are not going to build Software for You, we gonna build Software WITH you”.

This means that Pink will be based on open standards and you will have the ability to customize as much as you want without having to lose your work thanks to the new Muse Proxy.

With Pink you will have the choice where you want to store your data, you can have for example all of your files in the cloud and the profiles on premise. The different applications will run in Docker containers, this will allow you to install updates of the different components individually without disturbing another component.

Recently there was a OpenMic WebCast about Connections Pink, you can find all info in here

Gradually we will see the impact of Pink crawling into Connections 6 as new features:

  • Orient Me: the homepage that knows you
  • Modern Communities: allows to modernize the look & feel and to copy the design as a template to create a new community
  • OnBoarding experience: a guided tour that allows new users to get started and get involved much easier through suggested lists of users and communities

IBM Watson Workspace was present everywhere at IBM Connect, there is a tight integration between Watson Workspace and the rest of the Collaboration Stack. During OGS I saw interactions between IBM Verse and Watson Workspace , where you can share a received email in a space so that the ones where you work with in the space are notified and you can start discussing or even start working on a shared document that you get from your Connections platform…

The integration of bots in spaces allows to have nice integrations and acces to all sorts of data coming for instance from your CRM application.

To wrap up I also want to mention that they showed something brand new that is still growing in the labs, IBM Livegrid. Livegrid is the new IBM Application Development platform for IBM Connections. It promises to be something really cool, they showed us a demo where a spreadsheet upload was transformed in a nice looking application in just a few clicks !

So, as you can see, a lot is going on and lot is coming in 2017. Open your eyes and ears in the coming months and enjoy this rollercoaster trip together with us.