I must say that, with the experience of ConnectED 2015, I had a double feeling on going to Connect 2016. Of course, there’s a good atmosphere within the community, but last year a lot of the attendees had the feeling to be kind of pushed into a small box because of the event was held only in the Swan.

When arriving in Orlando at the Hilton hotel, I was surprised to see such a large building. I picked up my conference badge and went down to the surprising welcome reception.

On Sunday, I noticed the real size of the venue and, very practical, a beautiful terrace in the immediate area with chairs , umbrellas and tables.

This year I felt again the energy like in the days of LotuSphere, the positive vibes are back and we reloaded our batteries again with lots of positive messages around the products.

I heard a lot like “we listened to your comments and changed……” or “we heard you and we adapted…..”

We will get an IBM Verse on premise version in the second half of 2016 together with a Domino Next version.

The project Hawthorn, better known now as using your MS Outlook client to connect to Domino, will be GA in the first half of 2016.

So, all those that want so badly to use MS Outlook, don’t need to spend an incredible large budget to migrate to that other platform, just to send mail….They can use MS Outlook to connect to Domino. In addition to that, they can use xPages to connect to their applications or through the IBM Client Application Access client, formerly known as Notes Browser plugin for those applications that are not already enabled with a nice & fancy xPages frontend.

About xPages there was a lot of great news like the ability to develop xPages in BlueMix. This allows customers to use xPages for their applications without thinking about installing the correct stuff on their Domino Server. The data remains in the application on your Domino Server, while the Xpage is running in BlueMix.

During the OGS they announced a new product, called project Toscana. For those who are familiar with Slack, they will see directly the link.

Project Toscana will allow to have persistent chat rooms , file libraries, real-time conferencing, and cross-device / mobile-first design center. This new product will be available in the 1st half of 2016.

I’m loaded with lots of energy and ready to attack 2016 !