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At the OGS of #ibminterconnect, IBM and VMware announced their strategic partnership. They have jointly designed an architecture and cloud offering that will enable customers to automatically provision pre-configured VMware SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) environments, consisting of VMware vSphere, NSX and Virtual SAN on the IBM Cloud.

With this SDDC environment in place, customers will be able to deploy workloads in this hybrid cloud environment without modification, due to common security and networking models based on VMware.

The strategic partnership between IBM and VMware will enable clients to easily embrace the cloud while preserving their existing investments and creating new business opportunities.

You will have the possibility to manage your servers in the Cloud as if they were on premises, through vMotion you will get the ability to move servers from On Premise to the Cloud, or from one DataCenter in the Cloud to another one, without your users noticing it.

Additional key benefits for customers when the new offerings are available will include:

  • IBM and VMware will provide the expertise, solutions, and cloud infrastructure to help customers manage and scale their IT resources running in private and public clouds, utilizing the tools, processes and APIs with which customers are already familiar,
  • Through sophisticated workload automation, clients will have the ability to quickly provision new or scale existing workloads to the IBM Cloud,
  • Companies will have additional reach and scale to more easily start locally and scale globally with cloud capabilities, and also comply with data residency and other regulatory mandates,
  • VMware customers will be able to use a flexible, monthly-based consumption pricing model that makes it more cost effective for users by enabling a simple pay-as-you-go option,
  • The IBM Cloud will be a showcase platform in the VMware vCloud Air Network cloud provider ecosystem.