It’s been a while now that IBM and Cisco announced their partnership under the theme “Partnering to Redefine Work”.

In the meantime, messages have been passed and some online meetings were held in WebEX to get used to the products.

The message here is that, you as a customer, will have the choice to integrate Jabber and WebEX in your IBM Connections Cloud environment or go further with IBM Sametime chat and meetings.

As of December 2016, some of the first integrations of the Cisco Products will be available

  • One click to get from Connections Cloud to WebEx dashboard
  • Add a WebEx meeting as a default meeting in my IBM Verse calendar invites
  • Easily join a WebEx meeting from Verse
  • Join a Jabber chat from Connections Cloud or Verse Navigation bar, or the Connections Cloud Business Card
  • Share a Connections Files Cloud document from a WebEx mobile meeting

Here a screenshot of Jabber chat in IBM Connections


Share a Connections Cloud file from WebEX Mobile