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Last year at IBM Connect, they announced a new revolutionary project, called Project Toscana. Now, a few months later at World of Watson they announced the progress they made in the project and since it is now in a closed pilot phase, they renamed it to IBM Watson Workspace as the official brand name of the product.

IBM Watson Workspace is an environment where you can create spaces, within a space you can invite team members and start having conversations around a certain topic/project.
The cool thing about those spaces is that conversations can continue when you leave. When you come back in, you can pick up the conversations where you left off.
You can work on files and other content. Share files in a space, paste images or animated gifs.
Recently they’ve added the “Launch moments” feature into spaces. This feature allows you summarize the conversations in condensed moments so that you can easily have an overview of the ongoing discussions during the period you left off.


Now, why has it Watson in it’s name ? Well, IBM Watson Workspace is an application built on top of a new platform, IBM Watson Work Services. This platform offers the possibility to use cognitive API’s and cognitive services that understand conversations.

With its cognitive features and the ability to interact with a bunch of other apps, you can work more easily and work the way you want.
There are a lot of integrations with apps possible but you can extend this by integrating your own developed apps.
This platform allows you to create bots, webhooks,….written in the language of your preference, whether it is Node.js, Python or Javascript.


Interested to know more about this new product ? Go and have a look at http://workspace.ibm.com and look at the Help & Forums link you find at the right side.

Are you interested to know more about the integration of apps or about the development of apps, then you can go to the Developer section of Watson Work Services at http://developer.watsonwork.ibm.com

There are already a set of examples available to download and to reuse so that you can integrate them into your own spaces and play around with them. Hereby an overview


Interested to know how you can start developing and integrating the apps into your workspace, go and have a look at this replay https://ibm.ent.box.com/s/sxe0cld7ciysc020nb4sely01be4d4bk where the process is very well explained.