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In my role as storyteller and enthousiast about #NewWayToWork, I present at different locations and talk about the differences between social media and social business. During my presentations, I also spend time talking about how social media influences our way of working and engaging and how this change affects our way of working at the office.

During my presentations I like the interaction with the audience and throw from time to time a question in the room to get some feedback. One of my questions before talking about IBM Connections is the following:

“What comes up in your mind when I say: IBM ?”

In most of the cases, I get the same responses back. Responses which I like to share with you so that we can demistify some myths.

Here’s the list:

  • Mainframe, hardware
  • Too expensive for our budgets
  • Only for big companies, we are just small businesses

Most of them don’t know that IBM has affordable software to transform and help your business to become a social business.

Most of them don’t know that IBM’s software is a real integrated and open platform, not like other vendors pretend to be. With the help of the intuitive interface, users adopt easily the way of working and they don’t have to care about where to store their data they want to share since there is only one place to put data from where your start sharing. This is not like in other products where you don’t know in which silo you need to put your data.

Just check out the video and afterwards visit this site to convince yourself about price and possibilities.