Recently I received this link to a guide on when to use which Office 365 product. When you read it through and you heard already about the questions and frustrations raised by several end users about the product, you think by yourself “Are U kidding me ?”

For those who are not already aware about the above mentionned frustrations, these are a few highlights about those frustrations:


I hear a lot of people say that Sharepoint is a good place to hide documents because you never find them back when you need them.

Ever heard about IBM Connections Social Cloud ? Well, at IBM they understand that social collaboration needs to be people-centric and not document-centric. That it needs to be user-driven and thus easy to adopt because it is all about the customer experience.


When users need help of their IT department to get a Sharepoint Site up and running, they will have it when it isn’t needed anymore. This way, business users start looking around for other solutions…..and shadow IT is born.

One of the big differences between Microsoft and IBM is the way how documents are stored in the Collaborative Platform. In a Microsoft world, you have different silo’s where you can store documents


where in an IBM world, the different components of the platform are nicely connected with one another and are based on only one document store.


This is only one of the top differentiators between the two platforms, come back later on to discover more of them.