Last year, near the end of 2016, I received the mail that I was nominated an IBM Champion 2017.

After reading the mail, a lot was going on in my mind….I was super excited about the news, grateful to all the people who nominated me and motivated to do more for my customers and the community.

2017 has been a fully packed year, I’ve launched my new presentation about the impact of Enterprise Social Collaboration tools on the business. This presentation is about how social media influences our daily activities and how it changes our way of shopping, arranging holidays etc.

The goal of the presentation is to rise the “aha” moments in the audience so that they recognise certain examples and how these methods can be implemented in their professional life by using collaboration tools at work.

With GroupWave we launched our new tool, GroupWave Webinizer, which allows Domino customers to bring their Domino applications to a web browser or mobile device. Nowadays, users work a lot in browser based applications. They read mail in a browser, have their working tools available through a browser. So we opted for a solution that enables customers to bring their Domino application to a browser with the possibility to integrate them in the existing intranet, extranet. We even went further in the development and managed to integrate the solution in IBM Connections.

We received a lot of positive feedback on the solution and are serving trial requests and demo’s to interested customers.

We work together with them to serve and help them as much as possible so that they get an overall insight of what are the possibilities of the tool and general feedback is that everything is possible with our tool đŸ™‚

Who says browser access and integration with other tools, says Single Sign-On (SSO). So this year I focused a lot on ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) so that we can provide seamless access to their browser based applications once they’ve logged in in their Windows environment.

At Social Connections in Chicago I spoke about SSO possibilities in IBM Connections and how to configure them for your users to have an easier way to get in the solution whether you’re using a browser or a mobile device.

Nominations for IBM Champions 2018 are still open until the 13th of November. Do you know an IBM Champion that you want to renominate for 2018 or do you know somebody from whom you think he/she deserves to get nominated to be an IBM Champion because of all the efforts he/she did in the past, don’t hesitate and fill in the nomination form at