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At the end of october 2017, there was this big announcement “IBM Announces Investment in Notes Domino Version 10 and Beyond”

In the announcement they spoke about the partnership between IBM and HCL and the way the two companies will drive a new wave in the products during 2018 and beyond. They announced the upcoming Domino2025 jam session around the globe and the goal of those jam sessions.

In december I attended the Jam session in Belgium. There was a lot of interest and a lot of great ideas ! We worked in different groups and information has been assembled and brought back to IBM/HCL.


Later on in january 2018 they announced the #Domino2025 online 2-day forum During this online event you could participate in an ideation blog staffed by IBM product management, IBM technical sellers and HCL development teams. You could create your idea and vote on other ideas to visualize the interes in certain features and goals expected from the Community.

This week, the 28th of February, there was the online Domino V10 webinar where they wanted to spread the word about what is coming up based on all the feedback and input they received during the jam sessions and the online forum. In case you missed it, a replay of it can be viewed here

A lot of feedback has been gathered and reviewed and they came to the following conclusions:

  • we would like to see the use of modern development tools and frameworks
    • they announced the use of open standards like NodeJS
  • we would like a slimmer, faster and better looking Notes client
    • they announced a an auto-update system so that you don’t have to bother about those updates.
  • provide a better Microsoft integration for mail and productivity apps
    • there is more to come about this integration but they announced already the use of EWS (Exchange Web Services). This way Outlook will contact Domino and think it’s an Exchange server 🙂

the V10 versions are announced for Q4 2018 but participation in the beta programs will be announced way upfront so that you can taste the (r)evolution in the products. There is a lot to come and stay tuned to see what will be happening in 2018. If you are a customer, looking for a robust collaboration platform, look certainly to the ICS (IBM Collaboration Services) portfolio before you take a decision.

There is a lot to do about TCO and more in the space of reuse stuff you have already and get it integrated. A few examples are mentionned in the below slide like the better integration with Active Directory and the updated support of ADFS4.0 but also the support of Docker to ease the procedures of upgrading your Domino Servers.


In march I attend IBM Think 2018 and more news will be spread over there. For those who can’t attend, a lot of the news will be spread on the #Domino2025 blog and there are also the well known user group events like Engage, SNoUG where you can attend and hear and see about the evolution in the products.

Step together with us on this train and feel the vibe and the positive energy that is encapsulating the ICS Community where you need/can be part of.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next weeks, months, years !