Last week I’ve spent a whole week in one of the US cities that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Monday was the most crowdy day, every corridor was packed with attendees. People had to wait in line to have a seat in a session room or in a lab….it seemed to be that the Mandalay Bay could not handle THAT number of attendees.

After monday, when the Expo center was open, people could spread themselves to more open spaces which resulted in a more relax atmosphere.

Back to content now…. it was years ago that I felt such a good vibe, so much positive energy and saw tons of interesting new stuff in an upcoming Notes and Domino release.We are ready to show the world that Notes/Domino is not dead and that there is new oxygen in the products.

In Q4 of 2018, V10 will be released but you will be able to play with it when the beta release comes out within a few months. Interested to know more about the progress of the development or when something important is announced, subscribe then for the newsletter at the following URL:

So what is there coming in the new release where you can be so excited about ? Here you have an overview of interesting stuff:

You will be able to send fully formatted and intact notes messages as EML attachments.

I here you saying there “what so special about that ?” Well you can group all messages in one single mail and forward those to somebody else. The EML attachment can contain the original mail plus the attachments.

eml2 Next there are some mail policy improvements that can warn a user if they attach too large or too many attachments. This way the user can react before the mail is send out.


They included an extra view in the mailtemplate, the Group By Sender View. This view has all functionality of the inbox view and groups all the mail by sender in one view, even those that are stored in one of your folders.


As calendar improvements, they announced the team calendar. This new team calendar has nothing to do with the Group Calendar that we all know. The team calendar is a standalone database that can include a team inbox and every member can create, edit invites. To have a clear overview with you own calendar, you can configure this team calendar as an overlay over your own calendar.

teamcalAnother great announced feature is the possibility to invite extra people to a meeting where you are invited to, even when it is a repeated meeting.

How cool is that ?

invite2invite I don’t know any other product that can offer this feature !

In the future the footprint of the Notes client will be stripped by removing some features that are not heavily used like the feed reader, the opensocial component and the embedded experience.

They announced a new update process for the client , based on the already successful upgrade process for the cloud-based clients.

The biggest announcement they did was the Domino Top-Secret product, named DominoAppsOnIpad !!

This product is the ICAA client running with his full possibilities on an iPad. This means that you can take your existing Domino Applications with you on the iPad without any development changes. Everything just works, even replication so that you can work offline !

This is the landing page

landingI opened the Domino Directory

domdir and even created a document with my name in another application


This product allows to take your apps without any extra cost on a mobile device with all embedded features like doclinks, @formula, lotusscript, dblookups, rich text, table creation……AND replication !

In near future they will allow the possibility to access GPS, camera, files integration,…..

If you want to subscribe to this beta program, go to to be able to participate in the program.

As stated in the beginning of this article, I feel energized and felt a positive and good vibe around all those interesting announcements for the upcoming V10. We, the ICS community and its ICS Champions are convinced and showed a lot of interest and appreciation to both IBM & HCL for the efforts and the deliverables in this short amount of time. Now it is time to come out of the closet with all those positive messages and show the rest of the world what an amazing products IBM has to offer in the Collaboration world !

More to come in the following weeks, months so stay tuned !