Last week there was the Domino V11 Jam, one of the ten global sessions organized, and the decision was made to organize also a session in Brussels.

With about 24 people we gathered together to think about interesting ideas for future Notes/Domino releases and especially to feed extra content to IBM/HCL to prepare for the next upcoming V11 release.

The Jam was led by Andrew Manby, product manager of Notes/Domino. Andrew emphasized the fact that V10 was mostly focused on the Server to get it up to speed for more modern technologies. For V11, they will focus more on the user interface. Especially for the Notes client.

During the presentation there were also some newbies presented:

– Domino V10 will be available for IBM i

– Domino Mobile Apps will also be released for Android later this year

– IBM Enterprise Integrator coming for V10 and V11

– Sametime 10 will be able to run without the need for a browser plugin

– Sametime 10 will also get rid of its dependency of DB2 and Websphere

– Simpler integration between Active Directory and Domino Directory

After the presentation we could brainstorm about four important squares ( Outcomes, Tasks, Challenges and Decisions) for  Administrators, Developers, users and executives.

After lunch we had another brainstorm session to categorize different ideas into no brainers/must haves, interesting to get introduced and nice to have.

Lots of interesting ideas have been noted and will be collected together with the outcomes of the nine other Jam sessions.

The collection of the different and even common ideas will be presented during an online Jam session. For Europe the session will be held the 30th of january at 3PM. You can subscribe for the session here

Recently Forrester published their Total Economic Impact study to show how companies can beneft from using Domino as their application development platform. The study can be accessed here.