Are you a customer running an older version of Domino or are you a customer that used Domino (Lotus Notes) in the past ?

Whatever type of customer you are, I think it’s worthwile to notice that this product has experienced a huge transformation since it has been embraced by an enthousiastic team of people at HCL that works closely with their HCL Ambassadors and the “yellow” community.

You can’t deny that the last year you see a lot of announcements passing by in the newsfeeds of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Announcements around Domino Volt, Verse, Sametime, Connections.

I like to call Domino the “Swiss army knife” of your organization since you have all you need in one single platform and this all offered with an attractive license model. Just check this blog post to get all the details.

Have you read, between all the other posts, the announcement of Project 11 ? It’s worthwhile to browse the site and discover yourself why it is so interesting to upgrade to V11 and to benefit from all the new stuff that is built in and around Domino, all included in your license.

And while you see all those messages about Domino V11, you can look already forward into the future because HCL has announced their “Domino Early Access Program. You can subscribe to this program as a customer as well as a business partner to test drive new features that will be available in Domino V12.

As you can see, there is no excuse to take a look at what’s happening in the world of Domino.

If you want more info, just drop me a note and we can have a meeting where I can elaborate more on the different new featues and the roadmap of Domino for the coming months, year.