Hello all,

Right after the release of Sametime 11.5 Premium, I was eager to upgrade our Sametime environment from the Pre-Release environment to the Premium Release.

At first sight it went very well to do the upgrades but after some testing I realized there were some issues. For instance, when we loaded the Sametime Web client, the client kept on loading without showing any information.

After logging in in the Sametime mobile client, no chat contacts were visible.

In the Sametime meetings interface, I was able to log in but when I wanted to create a new Sametime meeting Room with a password, nothing happened when I clicked on the button START or when I wanted to Save & Copy the meeting link.

So there was clearly an issue with the link to MongoDB…a new feature in the Sametime meetings Premium version. Together with HCL Support we looked into the issue and found out what was going on.

These were the steps we followed to get some debugging information from the configuration

Sametime Proxy Server

Open the  “logging.properties” file located in the “conf” subfolder.

Uncomment the following lines:


com.ibm.handlers = 2localhost.org.apache.juli.AsyncFileHandler

Take a backup and remove all the files under the “Log” folder and restart the Sametime Proxy Server  and check in the logfiles what’s happening when you logged in again in the webclient.

Sametime Community Server

Open the sametime.ini and locate the [debug] section

Add the following entry to get detailed logging: VP_TRACE_ALL=1

Take a backup and remove all the files from below two folders:



Restart the Community Server and reproduce the issue.

Run stdiag to collect the logs in a zip file

For Windows => Domino\stdiagzip.bat For Linux => /local/notesdata> sh stdiagzip.sh

After inspection of the resulted logfiles, HCL Support saw the following issue:

WARNING [Chuck the postman’s dispatching thread.1] com.ibm.rtc.stproxy.cluster.ClusterManager.serverLoggedOut CLFRX0002W: Sametime Proxy server is disconnected from the server on host CN=SAMETIME/O=GW-SRV with the error 80000224.

WARNING [Chuck the postman’s dispatching thread.1] com.ibm.rtc.stproxy.cluster.ServerLogin.loggedOut CLFRX0011W: Unable to log in to the Sametime community server CN=SAMETIME/O=GW-SRV. Error message is 80000224

So it seemed that the Sametime Proxy could not connect to the Community Server.

I checked the Sametime.ini file and the correct Organization was mentioned at the line


There is an LTPAToken created for SSO between the mail server and the community Server to get Sametime integration in Verse.

In the [AuthToken] section of the sametime.ini I checked the presence of the correct value


I also checked if the IP Address of the Proxy Server was added in the stconfig.nsf database.

“Community Trusted IPS” under community connectivity.

After restart of the Domino Community Server and the Sametime Proxy server, the issue in the web and the mobile client was still present.

HCL Support suggested the following changes:

In the stproxyconfig.xml update the token domain.


… </configuration>

In the chatlogging.ini, update the MongoDB user name & password



To make sure that the correct credentials are used to connect to the MongoDB

Once done, restart both the community & proxy server.

After restart, the issue was still there. Damn !

In the logs we saw that there was an issue with convomap on the Sametime Community Server. It kept on crashing because it failed to to find the class path for convomap. In the stconvomap log we saw the following:

201202_153746.704,INF,JL ,trying to create JVM

201202_153746.933,INF,JL ,JVM created OK

201202_153746.999,INF,JL ,JVMBridge::getMain: Cannot find main class, class name = com/hcl/sametime/convomap/sa/STConvoMapSA

201202_153746.999,INF,JL ,JVMBridge#loadJVM: Error getting main class, aborting… 201202_153746.999,INF,JL ,JLaunch Terminated

So maybe there was something wrong with the ConvoMapSA.jar file ?

I copied over the ConvoMapSA.jar file from another installation and restarted the Community Server and the proxy server….Tadaa !! Problem solved !

Hold on, can we now create a Sametime Meeting Room ??? Damn, still an issue there….

After checking the logs of the meeting server we saw that there was an issue to reach the MongoDB server which is new in Sametime 11.5 Premium. In the Pre-Release there was no dependency to MongoDB to be able to create a new meeting.

HCL Support suggested to adapt the docker-compose.yml file to include the following in the Catalog section


– “FQDN of your proxy server:IP Address”

– “FQDN of your mongodb server:IP Address”

When you do this you need to take the following steps to reconfigure the Sametime Meeting server

docker-compose down

take a backup of the ‘jitsi-config’ directory if you have your own certificate stored in /web/keys

delete the ‘jitsi-config’ directory

docker-compose up -d

After this change, all issues were resolved and since then we can create moderated, password-protected meetings from browser and mobile client.

I want to give a big thank you to the HCL Support Team who was very reactive and due to the screen takeover we could look together to the issue. Big Thanks !